A taxi driver reminded me tonight of something my father, a carpenter, has long told me:

the worst kind of government for the ordinary working man is a Labour government.

Endless intervention, condescension, degrading regulation, a crumbling economy, ineffective legislation and inefficient management of the public services: these are the hallmarks of Labour’s self-serving big state. “Progressive” politicians may mean well, but their approach just doesn’t work. Yes, a social safety net; yes, free education and healthcare; but not this endless, painful tinkering with society in pursuit of “progress”.

What most people want is to be left alone to make their own way, to be protected from criminals and to rely on a safety net if they fall on hard times. The left “progressives” are failing on every count.

One Comment

  1. The biggest problem with the Labour party is not that they seek to simply increase funding to the public services to give the people of the UK (particularly the disadvantaged) what they need and/or want (however economically misguided this may be).

    Much of their policy is about changing society, and the people in it into something better, so that people want the right things.