An end to equality before the law?

Every public body will have to take class background into account when making decisions under radical new legislation unveiled by the Government today.

The law means that all public authorities – from Whitehall to local councils – will be subject to an over-arching legal duty to bridge the divide between rich and poor.

The new duty, which is to be tacked onto the Equalities Bill, has been described by one Cabinet minister as ‘socialism in one clause’.

But the Tories today released a report which they said undermined Labour’s claims that it was tackling a lack of social mobility.

Shadow work and pensions secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘Labour has had ten years to make a difference to social mobility but have failed.’

via Labour’s Class Law: Legislation to order every public body to tackle divide between rich and poor | Mail Online.

One Comment

  1. You see, if this sort of thing comes to pass, then I will have wasted my time.

    Thinking about trying to get my daughter into private school on a bursary where I pay a proportion of the fees? pointless
    It will get her excluded from good universities.

    Saving for the future? waste of time. I’ll just get my children relegated to a less prestigious stream at school. It’ll get taxed and inflated away anyway.

    They’re telling me that I’ll be giving my children a headstart in life by giving up work.

    Perhaps I could grow some vegetables and brew beer and use the rest of the free time to do bits of government approved courses at my local FE college whilst giving my kids tuition in the stuff the ‘new social order’ of schooling is undoubtedly going to leave out. I think I’d enjoy that. Plenty of time for sport and hobbies. No more deadlines at work. Marvellous.

    Surely there’s a catch though?