As I was saying to Beth only the other day after reading Roche*:

Distracted by celebrity, softened up by the education system, we have also succumbed to what you could call intellectual relativism. We have reached a state of affairs whereby people believe that the validity of their views is determined by the strength with which they hold them, not by any reference to empiricism. And so we hear phrases such as “Well that is your truth – it’s not mine”, or, increasingly, the word which is doing untold damage to the concept of objectivity: “whatever”. When confronted with evidence which undermines the current fashion or your own prejudices, simply lift your hand and say “whatever”, and you can avoid all the discomforts of the value of truth, or objectivity, or of being plain wrong.

via We’re in danger of entering a new Dark Age – Telegraph.

This is a great article by Liam Fox and a reason for optimism: we may yet pick ourselves up and change.

* It’s amazing she puts up with it 😉

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