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The riots in England

Over the past few days, many constituents have written to me expressing anger and dismay about the riots, policing and justice. I share this anger and dismay.  As I said in my article on Wednesday, we must establish that the state’s duty is to protect the law-abiding and their property first and foremost and that the police do not require the consent of rioters before acting with reasonable force. The Prime Minister has said that we will do whatever it takes […]

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The State Opening of Parliament

Today, I found myself standing by the exit into the aye lobby for the state opening of Parliament. The text of the Queen’s Speech, for which I was lucky to be able to enter the House of Lords, may be found here: The Queen, seated on the Throne and attended by Her Officers of State, commanded that the Yeoman Usher should let the Commons know that it was Her Majesty’s pleasure that they attend Her immediately in this House. When […]

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The Conservative Party | News | Cameron launches our draft manifesto for schools

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David Cameron has launched the education section of the ‘Mending our Broken Society’ chapter of the Conservative Party’s draft manifesto, and is asking for your questions about it online. Read more: Cameron launches our draft manifesto for schools.

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David Cameron: We can’t go on like this

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Via David Cameron: We can’t go on like this: A decade of big government and blunt, bureaucratic control has undermined responsibility and made our social problems worse, not better. We are determined to forge a new direction. We will use the state to help remake society by encouraging people to take responsibility for themselves and for one another. We will provide new opportunities for community groups, neighbourhood organisations, charities, social enterprises to help rebuild our civil society. We will create […]

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“Sex and drug lessons from age 5”

Via Sex and drug lessons from age 5 – Telegraph, another forcible attempt to reengineer society, irrespective of the wishes of responsible parents: Under the new curriculum, pupils as young as seven will learn about puberty and the facts of life and five-year-olds will be taught about parts of the body, relationships and the effects of drugs on the body. Once they reach secondary school, pupils will learn about contraception, HIV and Aids, pregnancy and different kinds of relationships – […]

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Labour has divided Britain into ‘two nations’ in poverty and crime, say Tories – Telegraph

Via Labour has divided Britain into ‘two nations’ in poverty and crime, say Tories – Telegraph: Britain has been divided by Labour into “two nations”, with deprived communities plagued by crime falling into “different worlds” from their wealthy neighbours, the Tories claim. — Gordon Brown has “let down the poor”, despite claiming that ending poverty was his defining purpose, Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary, will say. Mr Grayling will lead the Conservatives’ most aggressive raid so far on Labour’s core […]

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We’re in danger of entering a new Dark Age – Telegraph

As I was saying to Beth only the other day after reading Roche*: Distracted by celebrity, softened up by the education system, we have also succumbed to what you could call intellectual relativism. We have reached a state of affairs whereby people believe that the validity of their views is determined by the strength with which they hold them, not by any reference to empiricism. And so we hear phrases such as “Well that is your truth – it’s not […]

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Right, wrong and education

Consider these news stories: Pupils will no longer have to be taught the difference between “right and wrong” under draft plans put forward by England’s exams regulator. via BBC NEWS | Education | ‘Right and wrong’ lessons to end. Parents should avoid telling their children what is “right and wrong” when discussing sex education, according to a new government leaflet. via Parents advised to stay away from ‘right or wrong’ in sex advice – Telegraph. In the context of this […]

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Chris Grayling on law and order

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Today, I listened to David Cameron introduce Chris Grayling for his first major speech as shadow home secretary. It was great stuff: heartfelt, tough and full of measures that will be welcomed. In his introduction, David Cameron explained the need for substantive solutions to serious problems. He discussed Conservative plans for police reform, local accountability and fixing our broken society. David was clear that the task of the Home Office will be to fight crime, not to be a social […]

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The case for early intervention

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The more I learn about our broken society, the more heartbreaking the situation appears. We are not self-reliant pioneers conquering a new continent: we are the heirs to generations of ineffective government intervention. We have broken our society and the problem is growing: [T]he size of the dysfunctional base in society is unacceptable and expanding, despite concerted and genuine efforts at local and national government level to reduce the numbers of those facing severe disadvantage. There is evidence that people […]

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