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See also IDS writing on ConservativeHome: Reflections on a visit to Auschwitz amid political crises back home. For an insight into the surprising kind of society which degenerates into barbarism, see Haffner’s Germany: Jekyll and Hyde: a Contemporary Account of Nazi Germany.

For the purpose of enabling a better understanding of the German people as the War began, Haffner divided German society into:

  • Hitler
  • The Nazi Leaders
  • The Nazis
  • The Loyal Population
  • The Disloyal Population
  • The Opposition
  • The Emigres

It is remarkable to discover just how few people were in fact Nazis and how “The Loyal Population”:

suffer under the Nazis, they groan, they would rather not watch what they are doing, they despair and hide their heads in shame, but all the same they do not want to see the Nazis fall.

It is a substantial and controversial task to understand how a nation enters such a pitiful state through economic, political, societal, ideological and police failure. Right now, the conclusion is simple: do not vote for the BNP.

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