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D-day Commemoration

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On a grey and showery day, skydivers at Weston on the Green commemorated D-day, not by skydiving, but by jumping static line at what for us is a low level: 3500ft. It makes you think. D-day Commemoration – Dornier G92, originally uploaded by stevenjbaker. Sport parachuting is relatively low risk, believe it or not. We go high with modern equipment: it works reliably and there is time to take the reserve if the main fails. No one is, or will […]

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David Cameron condemns the BNP as “Nazi thugs” – thetorydiary

On the day that BNP leader Nick Griffin announced his decision not to attend a Buckingham Palace Garden Party as guest of the BNP London Assembly member, David Cameron has condemned the party as “Nazi thugs” and “a bunch of fascists”. read more: David Cameron condemns the BNP as “Nazi thugs” – thetorydiary.

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Campaign: “There’s Nothing British About the BNP”

Tim Montgomerie has launched There’s Nothing British About the BNP. Sign the petition declaring your support here. See also IDS writing on ConservativeHome: Reflections on a visit to Auschwitz amid political crises back home. For an insight into the surprising kind of society which degenerates into barbarism, see Haffner’s Germany: Jekyll and Hyde: a Contemporary Account of Nazi Germany. For the purpose of enabling a better understanding of the German people as the War began, Haffner divided German society into: Hitler […]

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There is nothing British about the BNP – thetorydiary

A new campaign from Tim Montgomerie of conservativehome: The BNP wants to define itself – as a patriotic party concerned about jobs and housing.  I’ve written for The Telegraph today arguing that we must not let that happen and we need to focus on the BNP’s core belief – its desire to build an all white Britain. via There is nothing British about the BNP – thetorydiary.

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