Jamie Whyte’s book “Bad Thoughts” is a tremendous guide for those who are seriously interested in the welfare of everyone in society, and who are not prepared to separate moral and intellectual seriousness.

Whyte’s 152-page book is entertaining and relevant and I do recommend it. In the meantime, I offer a brief and possibly inadequate guide to the key points here.


  1. northernheckler

    OK. I ordered the book, to prove I’m not a closed mind socialist. Looks interesting actually( Is that an opinion or a fact – well it’s a fact to me, and an opinion to anyone else, but it is a fact that it’s my opinion – See we’ve (probably) lost anyone from the BNP already !).

    Will read it on the train.

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  2. WordPress.org produce the content management system which is hosted by wordpress.com. More here:


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    Now I’m confused! 😉