After nearly two months of distractions ((Earning a living, poverty, banking and a transformation in motoring… it’s a quiet life.)), this week I have returned to the important business of riding my motorcyle.

The KTM 950 Supermoto - my finest motorcycle?

I tend to imagine I have mostly owned sports bikes — ZZR600, YZF-R6, Fazer 600, K1200S — but I suppose half have been trailies — TS125X, KLR650, 640 LC4 Supermoto and 950 Supermoto. We Brits seem to obsess about having the fastest bike man has ever known ((I just bet MCN still has a headline like “BMW S1000RR humbles Fireblade” or whatever… )) but there are in fact speed limits and being bolt upright without a fairing tends to reinforce a proper desire  to ride within the law.

More importantly, the 950 combines agility with tremendous acceleration, two joyful features which have not yet been spoiled by the passionless individuals who seem determined to extinguish the flame of humanity wherever it may be found. Hooray!

Throw in some luggage — and I can report that two dry-cleaned suits fit — heated grips and hand guards, and we have an all-rounder of accomplishment. I suppose if one wanted something faired and a bit duller, the GS is available; I will bide my time.

So there we have it: my finest motorcycle is a giant high performance trail bike with sports wheels, tyres and brakes. What a magnificent idea: I congratulate the Americans on the invention and the Europeans on their commitment to it.

Oh yes, and today I softened the suspension to mid-way between standard and sport, making the ride much more satisfactory.

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