Foreign Secretary Milliband disgraces himself with propaganda worthy of the old Marxists:

The foreign secretary, David Miliband, today made a politically sensitive attack on the Tories, saying the Conservative party’s new alliances in Europe made him feel “sick”, and meant that the party was run by “a bunch of schoolboys”.

Much of Miliband’s annual speech to the Labour conference was devoted to a critique of the Tories’ foreign policy and, in particular, their new relationships being forged in Europe. Miliband told delegates that the Tories were now in alliance in the European parliament with the For Fatherland and Freedom party, a Latvian party that participates in an annual event commemorating the Latvian Waffen SS.

via Tory ties with EU extremists are sickening, says David Miliband |Politics |The Guardian.


William Hague has described smears made by David Miliband in his speech to the Labour Party Conference as “disgraceful”.

Miliband’s speech included insults towards the Latvian Government, accusations of anti-Semitism against Polish politician Michal Kaminski and allegations against Eric Pickles.

William said that Mr. Miliband’s remarks were “cheap party spin” and “represent a failure of his duty to promote Britain’s interests”.

“This kind of shoddy politics should be beneath a Foreign Secretary”, William added.

via The Conservative Party | News | News | William Hague responds to Miliband’s “disgraceful” smears .

These dreadful new left politicos can’t be ejected too soon.

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