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A Miliband disgraces himself

Foreign Secretary Milliband disgraces himself with propaganda worthy of the old Marxists: The foreign secretary, David Miliband, today made a politically sensitive attack on the Tories, saying the Conservative party’s new alliances in Europe made him feel “sick”, and meant that the party was run by “a bunch of schoolboys”. Much of Miliband’s annual speech to the Labour conference was devoted to a critique of the Tories’ foreign policy and, in particular, their new relationships being forged in Europe. Miliband […]

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Telegraph: “Russian Foreign Minister’s ‘F-word’ Tirade at Miliband”

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The unhappy state of diplomacy in the hands of New Labour: David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, was subjected to a tirade of four-letter abuse when he spoke to his Russian counterpart over the country’s invasion of Georgia. One unconfirmed report suggested that Mr Lavrov said: “Who are you to f—— lecture me?” read more | digg story

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