Now For Change

In a letter to The Sun:

DAVID Cameron plans to return power to the people with a dramatic state revolution.

In an exclusive interview, the Tory chief reveals nurses, teachers and other public servants will be allowed to go it alone and run their own services.

Under his plan for public sector “co-operatives”, staff could axe useless bosses and, if efficient, keep the savings made.

via Tory pledge to give public sector workers power to axe boss | The Sun |News.

For more information, see the policy paper:

We will:

• Create a powerful new right to become your own boss. Staff in the vast majority of front-line public service functions will be able to bid to transfer to independence by creating a co-operative enterprise – there are already legally-recognised organisational forms they can simply adopt ‘off the shelf’;

• Enable shared ownership. Staff in the new co-operative would be genuine owners of the enterprise. Like employees in co-owned businesses, they would all be able to benefit from its financial success and could vote on how things are run;

• Create the freedom to innovate. They would simply be contracted by a relevant government department to deliver the desired outcomes – no more bureaucratic government process targets dictating how to achieve them;

• Allow staff co-ops to bring in the best expertise. To help overcome the barriers to rapid progress that co-ops can experience, they will be able to go into joint-venture with outside organisations. Partners could be offered a share of the revenues in exchange for management and operational expertise;

• Give staff co-ops the freedom to grow. Once successful, staff co-ops will be able to bid for other areas of government activity, or merge with other co-ops if they wish;

• Ban profiteering. While staff will fully own their new organisation, they will not be able to sell off any of the state’s assets they continue to use, like land and buildings. And because we expect them to make big efficiencies and improvements to services, their contracts will ensure any big surpluses they make will be shared with the taxpayer.

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