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Co-operatives – good for Britain

Co-operatives give people control over the products and services that matter to them. From fan-owned football clubs to farmer-controlled producers, there are nearly 7,000 independent co-operatives across UK. Since the Rochdale Pioneers opened their Toad Lane store in 1844, the co-operative movement has grown to a network of over 3 million individual members in the UK. Cooperatives boost innovation, productivity and entrepreneurship and contribute £37 billion to the British economy. In Wycombe, Cressex Community School became the first state-maintained Trust schools […]

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Interview at Love Wycombe 2014: debt, help with debt and credit unions

Amid the conflict, drama and, too often, scandal of politics, it is easy to forget that politicians hope to make a positive difference to the lives of other people. We may disagree about methods but every decent politician wants to lift people out of poverty. One of the five pathways to poverty identified by the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ) is serious personal debt. The others are family breakdown, educational failure, worklessness and addictions. These are often experienced together. Helping people with […]

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Co-operatives Bill update

After the success of the Co-operatives in Education debate that I called in Parliament, I pressed the Government on its 2012 pledge to bring in a Co-op Bill: Steve Baker: In January 2012, my right hon. Friend the Prime Minister made a wonderful speech about how to reconstruct an inclusive, just and popular capitalism. He called for a new co-operatives Bill, but that has not yet appeared. I cannot imagine that the Liberal Democrats are opposing it, but I cannot […]

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Educational Co-operative services available locally in Bucks

After the debate on Co-operatives in Education that I called last month, I have been made aware of Resolute Education Co-operative Ltd (RECOOP). It provides four key services for schools: Emergency cover when a teacher is absent Cover for planned teacher absences Placement of Instructors Recruitment of full time teachers and instructors RECOOP offers low fees and savings for many schools in the region of thousands of pounds, while teaching members receive equitable pay for their services. It is a […]

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Advancing co-operative education for the most disadvantaged

The Telegraph today reports a conversation I had with their political editor James Kirkup about the potential for co-operative free schools to create the incentives and opportunities to drive up standards for the most disadvantaged: Parents would be allowed to make a profit by running State-funded schools under plans being drawn up for the Conservative manifesto. Groups of parents would form “co-operatives” to run a free school and then be able to pay themselves dividends if the school did not […]

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Tory pledge to give public sector workers power to axe boss | The Sun

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In a letter to The Sun: DAVID Cameron plans to return power to the people with a dramatic state revolution. In an exclusive interview, the Tory chief reveals nurses, teachers and other public servants will be allowed to go it alone and run their own services. Under his plan for public sector “co-operatives”, staff could axe useless bosses and, if efficient, keep the savings made. via Tory pledge to give public sector workers power to axe boss | The Sun […]

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