I am grateful to Cliff Webb, the franchisee of McDonalds, High Wycombe, for a visit yesterday. Cliff employs over 200 people.

It seems to me that McDonalds comes in for some unfair criticism. The franchise succeeds because it provides food that people want at the right price and level of service. Those who don’t like the firm and its food don’t have to eat there.

Notwithstanding Super Size Me, it’s common sense that one cannot live by McDonalds alone. I wonder if it is strictly necessary for the government to say so. If substantial numbers of people now cannot figure out for themselves what a healthy, balanced diet looks like, how did this come to pass and are the self same people reading the government’s guidelines?


One of my fine academic colleagues has supplied this quote:

McDonald’s has made more millionaires, and especially black and Hispanic millionaires, than any other economic entity ever, anywhere.

— George Will, “Lovin’ It All Over”, Washington Post, December 27, 2007

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