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Quangos: the more we pay, the less we get – Telegraph

An understandable wave of shock ran through Britain last week when our new Government revealed the explosion in recent years of the pay given to our top public officials, 170 of whom now allegedly earn more than the Prime Minister. But the other side to this grotesque inflation in salaries is that it has been accompanied by a corresponding deterioration in the performance of almost every public body one can think of. via Quangos: the more we pay, the less […]

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Visiting McDonalds, High Wycombe

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I am grateful to Cliff Webb, the franchisee of McDonalds, High Wycombe, for a visit yesterday. Cliff employs over 200 people. It seems to me that McDonalds comes in for some unfair criticism. The franchise succeeds because it provides food that people want at the right price and level of service. Those who don’t like the firm and its food don’t have to eat there. Notwithstanding Super Size Me, it’s common sense that one cannot live by McDonalds alone. I […]

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FT.com – Tories warn on spending plans

A Conservative government would find it “politically extremely difficult” to cut the overall level of public spending, rather than simply restrict its growth, Philip Hammond, shadow chief secretary to the Treasury, said on Monday. And yet “Quangos spend £10m seeking more money” (Times Online): The Conservatives, who compiled the dossier, claimed that the main reason quangos hire political consultants was to help them persuade the government and parliament to increase their funding or introduce helpful legislation. I expect opportunities will […]

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