Via Nick Clegg showed his hand, but MPs told him to call David Cameron’s bluff – Times Online:

The medieval timbered Westminster Hall and Victorian warren of committee rooms played host yesterday to a high-stakes poker game to decide the next occupant of No 10.

And it was a game in which Nick Clegg needed some buy-in from the rest of the Liberal Democrats urgently.

And so it is with a hung parliament.

Happily, after a meeting of the Conservative Parliamentary Party tonight, I can report that we are united behind David Cameron and the negotiating team.

The situation is food for thought though on the nature of “balanced” parliaments and the kind of electoral reform we need…

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    “The Conservatives have made a “final offer” to the Lib Dems of a referendum on electoral reform as the battle to form the UK’s next government heats up.
    Tory deputy leader William Hague said he would offer Nick Clegg’s party a vote on the Alternative Vote system.

    It comes after Gordon Brown, who said he was standing down as Labour leader, is offering to put AV into law with a referendum for voters to approve it.”