There is to be a statement on this subject later today. It will be interesting to see what powers are transferred, to what extent British people are subjected to overseas police powers by this measure, and what democratic control is to be exercised over those powers…

Update: The Home Secretary’s statement is here. Big Brother Watch wrote about the EIO here, before we opted in:

The EIO is intended to make it easier to gather evidence on another member state’s soil. Amongst other things, it would grant foreign police the right to carry out the ‘real time’ interception of communications, monitor a person’s bank account, demand bodily samples, DNA or fingerprints from a person in another EU state.

I look forward to their update.

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  1. Just what has changed about the EIO that it no longer shows “a relish for surveillance and disdain for civil liberties?

    The Home Secretary is rapidly overhauling her three predecessors, Johnson, Smith and Straw in the Doublethink Stakes.