On Thursday, I had lunch with the remarkable Legatum Institute. Their vision:

To advance human liberty and a more prosperous and secure world, through researching and promoting the integration of human dignity, liberty, and development.

To encourage the adoption of sound policies grounded in a holistic understanding of the human person, the wisdom and prudence of free markets, and a comprehensive approach to international development.

Perhaps uniquely amongst London-based think tanks, the Institute is part of a larger group comprising:

  • Legatum Capital: a private portfolio investment firm
  • Legatum Institute: this globally-focussed think tank
  • Legatum Foundation: the granting arm of the group, allocating capital to those in poverty and abject poverty
  • Legatum Ventures: investing in growing enterprises in the developing world
  • Legatum Centre at MIT: which provides educational programmes aimed at delivering economic progress and good governance in low-income countries through entrepreneurship and empowering ordinary citizens.

It’s a quite astonishing group of organisations committed to human flourishing, right across the range of what Legatum calls the  ProsperityLadder™.

I thoroughly recommend their Prosperity Index™ and their notion that “business is development”.

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