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UK up three places in this year’s Legatum Prosperity Index

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The Legatum Institute’s Prosperity Index 2014 was launched yesterday: the UK rises three places this year and we are the most prosperous of all the major EU nations. Even the quickest glance at our rankings and the map which puts them in stark context must make anyone glad indeed to be British. Ours is a very fine country indeed. From the website: The 2014 Legatum Prosperity Index™ offers a unique insight into how prosperity is forming and changing across the world. […]

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The European Union’s failure by its own standards

The 2011 Legatum Prosperity Index includes a number of insights. The fourth article is “The European Crisis: Time to Rethink Integration?” In a sidebar, the author explains that the average confidence in a European Government is 12% lower than the Index average. Legatum suggests that European electorates feel increasingly excluded as national parliaments have ceded more power to the Union, opening up a gap between the process of European integration and public opinion. Indeed. The main article begins: The Prosperity […]

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Wishing everyone a prosperous new year

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After so much economic turmoil, the traditional wish for a prosperous new year can be given with considerable vigour. The 2010 Legatum Prosperity Index (PDF) – “the world’s only global assessment of wealth and wellbeing” – showed that entrepreneurship and opportunity are the primary keys to prosperity, that they correlate more closely to a nation’s overall prosperity than any other factor. In particular, Legatum found that: Prosperity is found in entrepreneurial democracies that have strong social fabrics. Prosperity is a blend […]

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Legatum: Euro set to fall apart one by one, warn top economists

I just received a press release from Legatum as follows: Eurozone set to fall apart one by one, warn top economists The small, debt-ridden countries on the fringes of the European Union will soon start dropping out of the Euro, according to a major new report by two top economic think-tanks from both sides of the Atlantic. The experts predict that the staggering £70 billion bail-out of Ireland, underwritten by UK taxpayers, agreed at the weekend is doomed to fail. […]

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The Legatum Institute

On Thursday, I had lunch with the remarkable Legatum Institute. Their vision: To advance human liberty and a more prosperous and secure world, through researching and promoting the integration of human dignity, liberty, and development. To encourage the adoption of sound policies grounded in a holistic understanding of the human person, the wisdom and prudence of free markets, and a comprehensive approach to international development. Perhaps uniquely amongst London-based think tanks, the Institute is part of a larger group comprising: […]

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