Today’s civic service in High Wycombe included an innovation. Pastor Tim O’Brien of Union Baptist Chuch interviewed four figures from the life of the District: the Mayor, Cllr Jane White, Chairman of Wycombe District Council, Cllr Bill Bendyshe-Brown, me and local police commander Supt Gilbert Houalla.

It all seemed to go very well, with plenty of humour as well as insight: we learn, for example, that local LibDems are looking forward to me increasing my skydiving rate. I explained how my Christianity informs my thinking about how to create a good society, but further details are for another day. In the meantime, congratulations to Tim for hosting an excellent service and to Jane for supporting a fun innovation.

In my remarks, I mentioned the page on my website which sets out where I stand. You can follow the links above or find the main page here.

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