Steve with Peace One Day Ambassador Jude Law

Via my article A campaign for one day of peace » The Cobden Centre:

As Member of Parliament for Wycombe, I am acutely aware of the widespread consequences of armed conflict on individuals across the world. For example, many of my constituents hail from Kashmir and Pakistan and their extended families and friends continue to be directly affected by the conflicts in the region and their fallout. Many are of Sri Lankan descent and have lived through conflict there, often having lost loved ones.

The tragedies of violence around the world come home to my constituents day after day. For anyone serious about promoting human flourishing, peace must be a prerequisite and the initiation of violence anathema.

It was an incredible privilege to meet Peace One Day founder and Chairman Jeremy Gilley, as well as their Ambassador, Jude Law.

As I left, I found a small crowd of young women giggling excitedly by the door, too nervous to speak to Jude. It wouldn’t happen to an MP!

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