The consultation on HS2 has been announced today and it is open for your feedback.  You can access the consultation website here.  The Executive Summary can be found here; for the full document please click here.

HS2 is a sore issue in the Chilterns, and rightly so.  However, High Speed Rail has further repercussions, including philosophical and economic questions about the future direction of the country.

My view on HS2 was laid out during the Westminster Hall debate I called last year.

I have prepared a statement on HS2 which can be found in the Where I stand section of my blog. Here is an extract:

I applaud sincerely the Government’s noble intent, but I note that rail has not been governed by the free market for a very long time. There is no doubt that this country needs good-quality infrastructure. We should create the conditions in which unsubsidised enterprise can deliver the optimal solution. That would be the classical Liberal and Conservative approach. In my view, the solution that would emerge is not likely to be high-speed rail. I believe that this programme should be cancelled.

This is also a call to MPs and voters who live next to and along the proposed northern spur, which will travel between Manchester and Leeds: if you wish to oppose HS2 on principle, you must do so now.  Only in this stage of the consultation will the principle of High Speed rail be discussed.

Now is the time for your democratic voice to be heard on HS2.

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