Via The Blue Blog » Our welfare reforms will make work pay:

At the election, the Conservatives made a promise to you to get Britain working. Now we are delivering on that promise.

This Government is on the side of people who want to get ahead. The plans we have announced in the last few days will get people into work and will reform the welfare system to ensure that work always pays and no one can say they are better off on benefits.

At the election, we promised to work to reduce the very high marginal tax rates faced by many people on low incomes who want to return to work or increase their earnings. The Welfare Bill I introduced yesterday delivers on that promise. We will start to reduce these rates and simplify the system by introducing the Universal Credit, ensuring it will always pay to work.

Just last Friday, I met a young mum stuck in the benefits trap in Wycombe. She can’t take any more work, even though it is there for her, and she is fed up of seeing people better off on benefits. She just wants to get on but the system is stopping her. Where is the social justice in that?

I have her permission to use her story in Parliament and I look forward to doing so. The present nightmare is just plain wrong.

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  1. Now please explain something to me. Given David Cameron has trashed FND, how can the government legitimise funding a new schem – Work Programme that essentially adopts an identical methodology and uses the same providers. Isn’t insanity repeating the same behaviour and expecying a different result?

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