A presentation made at Conservative Spring Forum on Saturday – Bank Reform: a radical Conservatism (PDF, 2.5MB):

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Thanks to all those who attended this Selsdon Group fringe and gave such warm feedback.


  1. Great stuff! I hope the public is waking up to the reality of the economic situation and the need for drastic reform. Goodness knows they are largely kept in the dark by the “mainstream” media. The status quo simply has to end!

  2. Approaches “100% reserves” that’s fine, how about the INTEREST %%%%% you are stating to prefer 100% reserves in fact cannot even exist, Come to think about it any system that still has USURY or INTEREST %%%%% as part of it will also FAIL as industrial production requiring greater and greater circulations subject to the obfuscations will continue as the pretended economies which have been imposed upon the world are failing, and will continue not only to escalate their injustices, but to fail with ever greater and ultimately fatal force, not because they are in fact economies, but on the contrary, because they are the antithesis of economy; because they are blatant, overtly purposed systems of exploitation with the singular means, and one unassentable power, of irreversible and inevitably terminal multiplication of artificial indebtedness in proportion to capacity to pay.”

    The only currency which we should be considering is mathematically perfected currency, FREE of exploitation FREE of USURY and INTEREST %%%%%; as there is one and one only solution to inflation and deflation; to systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; and to inherent, irreversible (and therefore terminal) multiplication of artificial indebtedness by interest… thus it is only by eradicating altogether the latter costs; manipulation of the cost or value of money or property; and inflation or deflation… that is it possible to replicate barter in the form of a truly immutable currency.

    thus MPE is the ONLY truly immutable currency, when will you Austrian’s get it…