Via Is A Gold Standard Deflationary?

What causes contraction and decline is not using a gold standard system. In the forty years since floating currencies began in 1971, the average American family has made no progress at all–even with two incomes, instead of one. If you measure income in terms of ounces of gold, we are back to early-1950s levels. Although there were many ups and downs over the last two centuries, including a Civil War and a Great Depression, this is perhaps the first time in U.S. history where the average family is worse off than it was forty years earlier.

I begin to feel mainstream.

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  1. David J Moore

    Why are we surprised about the riots when for the last 10 years we have been living in a no consequence society?

    Some children are brought up with no consequences for bad behaviour.

    Parents don’t care or even if they do care the state has rendered them powerless against their own children.

    Teachers remain frightened of their own shadows (despite Michael Gove’s promises) as Child Protection teams sit in secret meetings ruining careers. Buckinghamshire County Council in which Steve Bakers constituency lies, is particularly bad in allowing Social Workers to hold sway over teachers trying to do their job. In one case a head teacher was heavily criticised by Child Protection for sending out letters concerning absenteeism. The Education Department has now been subsumed into Children’s Services dominated by Social Workers who have little or no idea about education.

    If children misbehave in the street the worst consequence seems to be a Social Worker is appointed to counsel the family. In the meantime people are driven from their homes by marauding gangs of youths or worse are assaulted or killed if they try to stand up to them.

    Instead of talking about zero tolerance the government needs to ensure that parents and teachers who try and give proper discipline to children are supported by the state and not undermined by Child Protection teams.

    The Government need to revisit “Every Child Matters” and re-balance it in favour of child discipline as Michael Gove seemed to have promised a year ago.

    Those people who are subjected to mobs of violent children on estates must be protected. If children behave in this way then they must be removed swiftly. That may be by evictions of families or removing children to secure accommodation.

    It may take another 10 years to eradicate the mistakes of the past 10 years but if we impose consequences for bad behaviour, and protect and support those who are affected by it, eventually children will learn that if they misbehave that there will be a consequence.

    Let us not talk about zero tolerance. Let us talk about ensuring that wrong doers are punished and that parents teachers and the police are not fearful of imposing discipline.