IDS writes for the Telegraph:

This Government is currently striving to build a new welfare system, one based on a fairer deal between claimants and the British taxpayer. But a decision emerging from Europe this week has the potential to completely undermine these reforms.

The UK has no problem playing its part in supporting the free movement of labour in the EU. However, what the EU is now trying to do is get us to provide benefits for those who come to this country with no intention to work and no other means of supporting themselves, with the sole purpose of accessing a more generous benefit system.

More: Brussels poses serious threat to our welfare reforms – Telegraph.

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  1. Gary - Manchester

    I ve just seen this story on the BBC news website, I must admit that I was totally unaware of this as I suspect the vast majority of the electorate are as well. As far as I am concerned , it just adds fuel to the fire that we should get out of the EEC irrespective of whether its actually good for the UK or not. Interstingly, the potential cost of this to the treasury is stated as £2.5 billion, which is roughly equivalent to the proposed yearly spend on HS2 !!