Welcome to the inaugural post of Bookbenchers where we ask backbench MPs what they read when they’re not white paper-pushing.

Kicking things off is Steve Baker, former engineer officer in the RAF and currently MP for Wycombe – when he isn’t helping run the educational charity The Cobden Centre, or skydiving.

via Book Blog | The Spectator.

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  1. Steve,

    Some excellent choices.

    I am a godless heathen, but CS Lewis’s Cosmic Trilogy are extremely fine (I firmly believe that That Hideous Strength is the best book title ever!*).

    I am also pleased to see that you intend to tackle Green’s Working Class Patients and the Medical Establishment. As you may know, it is a book that has informed many of my thoughts on how a freer society, based on mutualism, might also practically deliver cheap, efficient critical “public” services.

    I shall put some of the others down on a list, for when I finally get around to reading some political and economic philosophy…!



    * It is used in a fine Waterboys song entitled Savage Earth Heart (also a good title):
    “Then I was taken smoothly by the vulture of the soul /
    the hideous strength that numbs the tongue /
    Oh and he led me, poor shivering cinder through the fields of hell /
    to doubt my friends and to hate myself…”