MP Steve Baker tonight called on the community to claim control of Wycombe Hospital if further changes brought in by the NHS “don’t work”.

Chairing a meeting at Great Marlow School, he said he is “inclined to trust” health chiefs over their plans for the hospital, but urged people to take action if necessary.

via MP Steve Baker calls for community to run hospital if NHS plans ‘don’t work’ (From Bucks Free Press).

We had a good meeting in which it became ever more clear that we cannot go on with public services which are organised in a way that is not sufficiently accountable to the public. That’s why, if the NHS providers make a mess of the present changes,  I will be calling for local, mutual ownership of our hospital.

For more on the Government’s plans for public services, please see the Open Public Services whitepaper.

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  1. So, going back to how many hospitalised were organised before the Great Nationalisation of 1947 (or whenever it was) created the Nationalised Health Service eh? Seems lioke a very good idea to me. Next, restart local of other spontaneous group based Friendly Societies to fund healthcare. These were again lobbied out by giving special privilidges to the medical profession and insurance companies. Then use the Friendly Society benefits to fund the hospitals and docctors so that the money follows the patient. Next stop banning competition in halth care provision and finally let the money follow the patient. Seems like a plan to me.