I just attended the inaugral AGM of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for EU reform, which was well attended by colleagues from across the range of opinion, all concerned about the effect of EU regulation on jobs and the economy. I asked that we consider democracy and the classical rule of law as the subtext to all our detailed work.

Via the website, EU Fresh Start:

UK citizens want co-operation and free commerce with our partners in the European Union, but a majority believes that too much power has been transferred to Brussels; in areas ranging from policing to employment law, from Health and Safety to financial regulation, our citizens want more control over their own lives.

The Fresh Start Project will work with MPs across party lines, along with leading ‘think tanks’, interest groups, Lords, MEPs and constitutional experts to:

1. Examine the options for a new UK-EU relationship;

2. Set out what this new relationship could look like;

3. Establish a process for achieving change; and

4. Build political support to make it happen.

I incline to the view that the EU is an unaccountable technocracy beyond redemption which should be abolished for the sake of all Europe, but I am prepared to support moves in the right direction.

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  1. Its about time a group like this was formed, I was astonished to find out via the website that over 30% of the EU budget was spent on agriculture subsidies through the CAP. I have no doubt that our membership of the EU cannot continue in its current form……we seem to be paying for the misguided policies of others outside of our shores. So good luck with this one Steve, sitting back and doing nothing is now not an option.