Via PAUL: One year to go – Washington Times (and twitterer @tomjdalton):

I firmly believe the American people are serious about cutting spending and fixing our debt crisis now. Those struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families while also trying to save for the future know we must change course immediately.

I’m not running for president merely to trim a little here and there from our bloated federal budget. Instead, I have offered the boldest, most specific and most comprehensive solutions in the history of American politics to restore our economy and once again make America the most innovative, competitive and prosperous nation in the world.

We face no problem that cannot be solved by reaffirming our trust in the fundamental principles of freedom, limited constitutional government and individual responsibility.

I recommend the rest of the article: for example, “I will move to abolish all corporate subsidies and end all bailouts.”

The question is not whether these are the right arguments, but how to win these arguments in the UK.

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  1. “twitterer” or “twit” 😉

    Education, I think is the only answer. We face an uphill battle though, with an unthinking population already suckling on the teat of the state, and asking for more.

    We have a media that perpetuates the cult of state solutions, “Got a problem, what can government *do* to fix it?”.

    I’m increasingly thinking it will take economic collapse for people to sit up and take note. Hopefully then the honest, humble and knowledgeable men of truth and understanding can lead the way philosophically and properly rebuild, from an albeit lower base.

    Here’s hoping that the masses are distracted from their bread and circuses for once, and elect Dr Paul in 2012, perhaps then he can lead the way.

    Keep up the good work! And keep talking to your honourable friends, Parliament could do with more like you.