Today, I asked David Cameron about Wycombe Hospital during Prime Minister’s Questions in the Commons. The context is the Better Healthcare in Bucks consultation.

On a day when PMQs were dominated by health service reform, I said I had visited the offices of the Bucks Free Press on Monday to see readers’ reactions to the proposed changes affecting Wycombe Hospital. I told the Prime Minister that Labour had left a tragic legacy of distrust and despair about the NHS locally and I asked whether the right way to restore trust and accountability was clinical commissioning and Foundation Trust status.

The Prime Minister agreed and drew attention to how Labour had undermined community hospitals.

The changes proposed locally are out for public consultation until April. All of us who support Wycombe hospital must seize this chance to make our voices heard by attending a consultation meeting. The first meeting in Wycombe will be on Tuesday 28 February at the King’s Centre in Desborough Road from 10am until 1pm. I will be participating and I urge as many constituents as possible to join me there.

A survey is available here. I have submitted related written and oral questions to the Secretary of State for Health, which I will publish as they are answered.

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  1. Steve

    I happened to see you raising the question At PMQ yesterday. I and my members are disappointed at the way your question was phrased, especially as Dr Payne has finally admitted that the last consultation WAS FLAWED. I submit, having attended the first FARCE of a consultation at Marlow on the Better Healthcare in Buckinghamshire, that this again is FLAWED, this is NOT a consultation. All the PCT did was to make a presentation of what they proposed to do, they were not prepared at the meeting to discuss peoples questions and fears, Dr Graz Luzzi just passed them off by saying complete the questionnaire, It was demanded at the meeting for them to show and provide the information on which they based the rejection of six of the seven proposals so that people could study and then make an informed decision in their reply. This was laughed at with the comment of this would involve a pile of documents a foot thick. The meeting retorted that; surely you have the ability to summarise the data, if not them supply it to us as we have that capability.
    All in all another biased and engineered “consultation” by the commercial publicity company engaged by the PCT to present its “preferred option” which it has already started to implement.