As I blogged recently, I was glad to host the Associate Parliamentary Motorcycle Group reception in Parliament on 7th March. At this event The Motorcycle Industry Association (MCI) previewed their Policy Framework for Motorcycling.

With this publication, they again point out how important the industry is, and can continue to be, to the British economy. It is a £7.2billion industry, employing 62,000 people in over 6,000 businesses and it includes the largest solely UK-owned automotive manufacturer: Triumph Motorcycles.

The CEO of the MCI said:

The Framework marks a new approach to industry public policy, which for the first time underlines how motorcycling matters to broader society and how support for the industry is good for the nation. The Framework does not mark a change of MCI policy on key areas where industry feels it is justified in demanding support or a change in Government policy, such as on rider licensing and on European proposals for design and construction (Type Approval). However the Framework illustrates why these issues matter to the nation, are not just about motorcycling, but about how society as a whole can benefit from Government support for motorcycling.

They have now published this framework here.

There’s much to be written and said about how undesirable it is to divert entrepreneurial effort towards managing political risk, but that is for another day. Motorcycling is a great expression of personal liberty and responsibility and I am glad to help the industry survive the present era of intrusive government.

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  1. Personally, I don’t want the government to ‘support’ motorcycling, or the motorcycling industry.

    I just want them to leave us alone, and resist impositions from the EU.