Via Motorcyclists Matter – to ensure that biker related questions are compulsory in the driving theory test – e-petitions:

In order to raise awareness of motorcyclists on Britain’s roads, Bennetts, the UK’s No.1 Bike Insurance Specialist, is campaigning to ensure biker related questions are made compulsory in the driving theory test – who despite accounting for just 1% of road traffic, fall victim to over a fifth of all fatalities on the roads.

Did you know that motorists can currently pass without answering a single question relating to bikers? As many as 7,004 bikers and their pillions lost their lives between 1999 and 2010 and the biker casualty rate is currently a staggering 61 times greater than that of motorists. With questions currently selected at random, there is no guarantee that a question relating to the awareness of motorcyclists will arise in the current test format and this petition is set to challenge that.

There were 59,034 signatures at the time of blogging – I’m hoping to see 100,000+ and a debate.

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  1. It would be good if this could be extended to cyclists, who are equally at risk of death.