KTM 950 Supermoto outside Parliament

Monday was Ride to Work Day:

On Ride To Work Day, motorbike and scooter riders around the world show just how enjoyable their daily commute is. By riding to work we demonstrate that life would be better if more people rode motorcycles and scooters every day, with time savings, less congestion and reduced travel costs.

I was glad to ride to work, as I often do. My commute is M40, M25, M4/A4 and along the embankment. In the morning, it’s congested, slow and difficult. However, I’m sure city commuting would be much improved if more people swapped from a car to a bike, whether a motorcycle or a bicycle. My KTM doesn’t really lend itself to travelling in a suit, but scooters seem to, for those riding only in town.

The main reason I commute by motorcycle is that it costs less. I spend about £15 on petrol Monday-Wednesday. Tax disc and insurance is relatively inexpensive and, at seven years old, the bike owes me nothing. Compared to driving, parking, the train and the tube, commuting by bike is a bargain. And then, when summer shows its face and I ride away late after voting, it’s a joy…

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