This morning, City AM includes a column on Self-control: The secret ingredient that guarantees a successful life:

WHEN psychologists isolate the personal qualities that predict positive outcomes in life, they consistently find two traits: intelligence and self-control. So far researchers haven’t learned how to permanently increase intelligence. But they have discovered, or at least rediscovered, how to improve self-control. The first two steps are setting a goal, and then monitoring your behaviour.

It is no surprise to me that self-control is the secret ingredient that guarantees a sucessful life – that is why I promote liberty under the law and responsibility as the route to peace and prosperity. I recommend the article.

One Comment

  1. I recall not where, but have have the affirmation that knowledge is power and if combined with the intellectual capacity to use reason in order to achieve evolutions and solutions.

    But I find, as I suspect many others do, that the use of reason in the face of the insurmountable and multifaceted labyrinths of state control, is an almost worthless enterprise.

    Much of present day society has relied upon maintaining trust and an assertion of our mutual duties towards one another, to be ready to give aid to the misfortunate, to design in ways to minimise risk to others and redress any and all corruption that we discover on our path through life.

    But what is the primary reaction of the present systems of administration when such matters are revealed to a humble man with little or limited means. A procedure, compiled of multilayered assumptions and actions that in turn are manifested from the manipulation of the system of statutes and the economies of the globe.

    Those researching the subject matter, and especially those reading our histories, will see a bloody trail of misery and despotism, of tyranny and deception and sitting above and over these tragedies, a group of individuals, of special societies, of committees and business seminars, where the underlying intent is readily visible that suggests an overall intent as the end result, the final solution as it were.

    The promotion of liberty under law is a fine ideal, the only question desiring clarification is to identify what is meant by law.

    Since this commercial construct, is based and has inherited its precursory customs (Ecclesiastical/Admirality/Banking) that in turn have descended upon us from former conspirators (Rome), and furthermore, that the true knowledge and awareness of these has been kept from us and our children not just now but throughout this epoch. How do compassionate and sensitive people thwart the technocratic machinelike behemoths destructive capacity.

    Awareness and knowledge does as yet little to stem the pace of the nightmarish realities of modern warfare and its economic counterparts of austerity, sanction and usurious slaveries. Our courts now appear to be administering an economic/political agenda rather than arbitrating the law of the land for the people. The imposition of EU structure of juris prudis, of star chamber decisions in secret are blossoming. Chambers where summary judgements and even imprisonment for non=compliance is a potential.

    So the question has to be asked. How do a people as students of jurisprudence become empowered and protected as they attempt to defend themselves and their brothers, sisters, mothers fathers, sons and daughters from the present day aggressions that can be shown to have been designed to ruin nations?

    When speaking with officials, the notion of a duty to protect the people and citizens seems to have evaporated away and so much of it, emanating from those global paper shufflers and conspirators who even as I write, send out proclamations from their offices in Basel and Hong Kong. I write here about the Bank of International Settlements, the central bank for central banks.

    Is this not one of the forces of tyranny and ruination?