Steve Baker outside Wycombe HospitalIn the context of recent concerns surrounding urgent care in Buckinghamshire and the Secretary of State’s comments about managerial accountability, I asked for data on senior pay for NHS staff across Buckinghamshire.

The Minister replied that, between April 2011 and March 2012, the number of staff in Buckinghamshire Primary Care Trust and Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust paid over:

(a) £50,000 was 488;

(b) £65,738 was 318; and

(c) £100,000 was 147.

(Note that each figure includes the staff in the higher categories.)

I was surprised so many people are paid so much.  I’ll be following up to find out how many people in each category were clinical staff.

In any event, at these pay levels, we are entitled to expect more from our NHS locally.

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