Committee looks at the state of acute health services
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Via The Telegraph,

A damning report by Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS’s Medical Director, is tomorrow expected to spell out failings at 14 hospital trusts where there have been up to 13,000 needless deaths since 2005.

Sir Bruce will describe how each hospital let its patients down through poor care, medical errors and failures in management.

I will have access to Sir Bruce’s report under embargo from 08:00. The statement should be at 12:30 – you can watch live here. I’ll be chairing a meeting between Sir Bruce and MPs for affected constituencies in the afternoon.

I cannot prejudge the report but, on 14 March, I made a highly critical speech:

I said,

The situation reinforces something I have experienced again and again since becoming an MP: second-hand rumours and half-truths about the state of health care in Buckinghamshire. I have encountered: people stymied; people thinking it is helpful to give half a rumour to a friend to repeat to me so that I can know how bad things are; and people’s frustration at not being able to do anything.

I hope tomorrow, at last, this story changes.

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  1. Steve Sturgess

    A fine question of yours in the commons today, re- removing failing trust members/boards etc. Some fine praise from the health secretary too.