Bucks’ Local Enterprise Partnership kindly gave me an update on how Buckinghamshire people are advancing the UK’s recovery.

Buckinghamshire’s private sector is driving the economy forward. Bucks delivered the 2nd fastest growing economy in the UK, we are on top for skills and we have the lowest public sector employment in the country.

Astonishingly, Bucks generates a greater financial surplus to the Treasury than all the Core Cities added together.

Buckinghamshire Business First (BBF) has over 3,500 members who employ 40% of our private-sector workforce. BBF recently secured £3.3m in grants for businesses and has helped to bring in 300 new jobs during the last 18 months. For every £1 invested, it has returned at least £21.

Buckinghamshire is the entrepreneurial heart of Britain and nowhere in Bucks is better placed than Wycombe for success.

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  1. The link below caught my eye leading on from Steves post….


    Imo this is the sort of thing we should be encouraging nationwide…..lets get people out of an office and doing something really tangible and healthy…..