thames-valley-police-logo-1There has been significant good news in the Thames Valley Police Area of which Wycombe is a part. This record has been supported by the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner, Conservative Anthony Stansfeld.

Anthony has explained to MPs that:

  1. In the last year overall crime has dropped by 10% in the TVP area, the second biggest drop in the country.
  2. Burglary has dropped by 20%. In Reading it has dropped by over 40%.
  3. Rural crime is now taken seriously and the theft of heavy agricultural machinery and plant is regarded as Serious Organised Crime. Over the last year it has been reduced by 16%.
  4. Metal theft has been reduced by 43% over the last year.
  5. Over 20 extra officers have been brought in to deal with sexual abuse against children, and TVP are in the process of setting up Multi Agency Safeguarding Hubs (MASHs) to bring together the Police, local authorities and other agencies to deal with this problem.
  6. TVP is one of only four Police Forces in the country that has been able to increase front line policing. They have done this by reducing bureaucracy, collaborating with other forces, and much better large scale contracting with other forces.

In addition, Mr. Stansfield recently gave evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee. You can read his detailed comments here.

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