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Overall crime has dropped 10% in Thames Valley

There has been significant good news in the Thames Valley Police Area of which Wycombe is a part. This record has been supported by the Thames Valley Police and Crime Commissioner, Conservative Anthony Stansfeld. Anthony has explained to MPs that: In the last year overall crime has dropped by 10% in the TVP area, the second biggest drop in the country. Burglary has dropped by 20%. In Reading it has dropped by over 40%. Rural crime is now taken seriously […]

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Defining “reasonable force” in practice

After the riots last year, I wrote to the Home Secretary asking what would be a reasonable use of force by a property owner in defence of their own or their neighbours’ property and what constitutes reasonable force by the police in the prevention of crime, both in the circumstances of a riot?  I said “I hope in Parliament we established that the state’s duty is to protect the law-abiding and their property first and foremost, and that the police […]

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