Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution (SSEPD) has submitted proposals to Ofgem to deliver a 15% cut to its distribution costs in energy bills.

The proposals, for the period 2015 – 23, will be assessed by Ofgem whose role is to ensure that companies running local electricity networks strike the right balance between investing in their networks and keeping costs down for customers.

Increasing network reliability, which is currently 99.9%, and protecting it from extreme weather are part of the proposals with plans to underground 500km of network in central southern England and reinforcing key areas in north west Scotland.

Stuart Hogarth, Director of Distribution said:

On average, around a fifth of a customer’s total electricity bill is made up of electricity distribution costs, which, in our case, pay for the running, upgrade and maintenance of around 125,000km of power lines and underground cables and over 35,000 electricity substations.

The local electricity network is key to promoting economic growth through the connection to the grid of new businesses and housing and also through the development and deployment of innovative technologies, all of which enable SSEPD to keep customers bills down.

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