Ralph Gonsalves visits the SV2G display in ParliamentThe Hon Ralph Gonsalves MP, the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines, and High Commissioner Cenio Lewis CMG, recently attended an exhibition hosted in the House of Commons. The exhibition focussed on the testimonies of three generations of people from St. Vincent and the Grenadines who have settled in High Wycombe.

Curated by SV2G, a local community arts organisation that facilitates engagement with creativity and Caribbean heritage through the music of the steel-pan, the exhibition was on display for a week in the House of Commons.

The display featured a selection of first-hand accounts of life as Caribbeans’ experienced migration and settlement in High Wycombe. The compilation of individual stories, photographs and memorabilia will ensure the unique preservation of Vincentian heritage.

Cenio Lewis, the High Commissioner said:

The future is quite often rooted in the past and it is important for our young Nationals and the future generation of Vincentians in the UK to have an appreciation of their history. The Exhibition provided a worthwhile glimpse of the past and the benefits it provides for the future. Jacque and the SV2G team must be congratulated for its vision to create such an Exhibition.

I’m delighted that we were able to welcome Prime Minister and Mrs Gonsalves and SV2G to Parliament to promote this humbling and important work nationally.

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