Motorcycle Action GroupI was concerned to learn from former MP Lembit Öpik that his new employer, Motorcycle Action Group, has been casually besmirched in passing during a court case. As a member of MAG and Chair of the Associate Parliamentary Group on Motorcycling, I object.

MAG is a serious, strategic and focussed riders’ rights body. Its appeal is built on many years of hard and often unrewarding work in political circles by dedicated experts. In my regular dealings with MAG’s senior staff, I have always been impressed by their professionalism and incredibly detailed knowledge of road safety issues. They have always been mature, courteous and sensible, so it is no wonder that in this Parliament they have been able to attract 28 MPs as members.

As the power of the state over the individual has grown, defending riders’ rights has been increasingly necessary. Motorcyclists have therefore associated with one another to campaign, not only through MAG but also through the British Motorcyclists Federation and the Trail Riders’ Fellowship. It is quite wrong for individuals to view those groups through the lens of their own prejudice.

I am grateful to all those who, over my lifetime, have worked so hard to defend the mode of transport which I and so many others love. Long may that continue.

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