PoppyAs we approach Remembrance Day, police have made counter-terrorism arrests in London and High Wycombe (Bucks Free Press, Telegraph). There is speculation that this weekend’s commemorations were the target of attacks.

On this centenary of the start of the Great War, we remember that the men and women of our armed forces fought and died in a just cause: the preservation of democracy and the rule of law against injustice and tyranny.

Today, a tiny minority are betraying the rest of us with plots to wreak indiscriminate horror on innocent men, women and children. They wish to destroy our society by attacking that which we value most, including the memory of those who gave their lives that we might enjoy liberty, peace and justice.

We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated by cowards who choose not to understand or to reject the institutions which make this country prosperous and free and from which much of the rest of the world could learn a great deal.

I am grateful that our police and security services have intervened with courage and strength. It is courage and strength which will defeat the weakness and folly which leads to the evil of terrorism.

We will never surrender to it.

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  1. Stephen Sturgess

    It’s often I disagree with your comments and opinions. However, never on this occasion.