Labour’s plans would mean £20.7bn extra borrowing next year alone

Via the Conservative Party, “Labour would increase borrowing by over £20 billion in the first year of the next Parliament”:

Labour's spending plans

Britain has a clear choice at the next General Election: competence or chaos.

We can continue on the road to a stronger economy with a competent Conservative team that have a long term plan; or we can choose the chaos of Labour’s £20.7 billion unfunded spending promises, higher taxes and more borrowing which would take us back to square one.

Read the full analysis here.

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  1. Denis Dillon says:

    What is the current goverment’s policy on reducing debt?

    None. George Osborne is increasing debt.

    I shall be voting UKIP.

  2. Steve says:

    Hello,welcome back and a happy New Year. I trust you had a relaxing and peaceful Easter. 🙂