ConservativeHome has charted the change in departmental expenditure limits since 2009-10 in a “To The Point” article, How the departments have fared in this Austerity Parliament:

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Health spending is up. Communities and Local Government has been cut in half. I recommend this good summary article.

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  1. Peter Bucklitsch

    Found the comments re RAF capacity interesting. I agree with the need to rebuild our Armed Forces. I spent some time working at RAF Logistics Command in Harrogate & Wyton, and the scale of the cuts to aircraft explains the closure (I understand) of Wyton. Most of my work was with the DSM2 (Harrier among others).

    Perhaps you should add Hayek – Constitution of Liberty to the bibliography. Even more difficult to read than Road to Serfdom, but worthwhile


    UKIP PPC Wimbledon