The Conservative Party is working hard to expose the chaos that will ensue if Labour are put in power by the SNP:

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In particular:

1) Income tax cut for 30m people. 2) The deficit cleared. 3) Two million more jobs. 4) A home of your own. 5) The State Pension increased.

This is what a Conservative Government will do, but Ed Miliband – propped up by the SNP – would put it all at risk.

Five Commitments

For the Telegraph, Philip Johnston warns of constitutional crisis:

However, the collapse of Labour and the transfer of its vote to the SNP has utterly changed the political and constitutional landscape. Issues of legitimacy and democratic accountability are now to the fore in a way that scarcely seemed possible just a year ago. In Whitehall, officials who may have to deal with an almighty political imbroglio after May 7 are gaming a variety of possible outcomes. No one knows what is going to happen and everyone fears the worst because our uncodified constitution (which works well enough when all its component parts are functioning in harmony) could become a millstone around our necks when something totally unexpected occurs.

It is increasingly clear that the only way to deliver a stable government capable of securing our country’s future is to vote Conservative.

The relevant Cabinet Office manual is here.

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