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Labour, the SNP and an impending constitutional crisis?

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The Conservative Party is working hard to expose the chaos that will ensue if Labour are put in power by the SNP: In particular: 1) Income tax cut for 30m people. 2) The deficit cleared. 3) Two million more jobs. 4) A home of your own. 5) The State Pension increased. This is what a Conservative Government will do, but Ed Miliband – propped up by the SNP – would put it all at risk. For the Telegraph, Philip Johnston […]

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A tax cut for over 26 million people

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Via Share The Facts, new tax and benefit changes have come into effect: They’re the latest part of our plan to give more security to hardworking taxpayers. They include: Raising the level at which people start paying income tax to £10,600 – cutting tax for over 26 million people and lifting over three million out of tax altogether since 2010 Giving people freedom over their pensions – so you’re not forced to buy an annuity when you retire, but free […]

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