RCEM logoPrior to the election I set out my five deliverable commitments on health.

I pledged to:

  1. Demand an NHS Urgent Care Centre at Wycombe Hospital
  2. Continue to champion patients’ interests in Parliament and in Wycombe
  3. Ask Buckinghamshire County Council to explore buying out Labour’s expensive privately-financed hospitals across the county
  4. Campaign to increase local power over local NHS services
  5. Support commissioners to bring top-quality care closer to home

Last month, I met with Dr. Clifford Mann, the President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. We discussed the difficulties facing emergency departments today and the RCEM’s proposed steps towards rebuilding emergency medicine.

Tomorrow, I am hosting an event in Parliament where RCEM will be launching their fact sheet. The fact sheet will provide a summary of key data in order to inform a responsible debate on the pressures on emergency departments in England.

I am chairing the event which will see both Dr. Clifford Mann and the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt, discuss their proposals to ensure a safe and efficient emergency service for patients throughout the UK. I hope that both the fact sheet and the launch event will go some way towards progressing the urgent care debate.

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