Anoncare logoA High Wycombe resident has developed a new App to support users to capture and share inspiring moments, helping uplift others through motivating posts and interactions. The Compassion App encourages people to go beyond self-interest and give of oneself for the good of the other.

The AnonCare App uses technology and age old values to create a shared responsibility for the well-being of others. Users are actively encouraged to empower and inspire others in poor health or isolation.

The system goes beyond the ‘comment, share and like’ features of traditional social networks, by introducing, ‘wish well’ and ‘offer a prayer’ buttons. The innovation aims to network and support communities across Buckinghamshire and beyond.

The system takes inspiration from the Sikh faith, endorsing the acts of selfless service, love and compassion.

Jyotveer Singh Gill, Founder of AnonCare said

My faith informs me that we are all one large family. If one person is down, it is our joint responsibility to uplift them. The AnonCare App aims to enhance inter-dependency through inter-connectivity. It’s really a social network for social action. I would encourage everyone, of all faiths and none, to download the App and start inspiring.”

This is a fascinating development and I congratulate Mr. Singh Gill on all he has achieved so far. Harnessing people’s empathy for one another is important in rebuilding social capital, that network of valuable relationships which makes society robust.

The ‘AnonCare’ App is available now to be downloaded for free from Google Play Store and iTunes.

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