On Friday 18 November, I had the opportunity to visit Premier Analytical Services in Wycombe, part of the Premier Foods Group, a leading UK food producer.

Premier Analytical Services specialise in the chemical analysis of food, focusing on food authenticity, food composition and food safety. The lab researches a range of issues including mycotoxins, trace contaminates, the overall authenticity of food, allergens, nutrition, vitamins, minerals and additives.

visit-to-premier-foodsPremier Analytical Services has close working links with the food standards agency, food manufacturers and retailers.

I was given a tour of the facility by Dr Gordon Wiseman, who I congratulated on being named ‘Food and Drink Scientist of the Year’. The award was in recognition of his significant contribution to the UK’s efforts to combat food fraud and maintain consumer confidence in food.

You can find out more about the work of Premier analytical Services here.

It was a delight to visit and I’m very proud of the important work being carried out here in Wycombe to keep the public safe and help to enforce the high standards we all expect from our food.

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